Micro tales

He fiddled around with his fingers for no apparent reason. The last time he was this nervous about anything, if memory served him right, was after that dreadful interview. Things did not go well because he lacked some essential documents.
He could handle being disqualified, but having to explain to his father why he had not winged such a grand attachment, was not an easy feat. Especially given that the reasons smelt of extreme irresponsibility. Forgetting one’s documents and to crown it all arriving late for an interview is like cutting oneself on the foot. This had made his palms all sweaty. But he was just a boy then.
Now, he was a grown man. The life as such was by far much simpler in his mind than in the reality. He had found out that issues at hand were always pressing. One day he would be the unexpected epitome of happiness, the next a broke hustler who could not afford a dime. And now, he was facing another trial in the many seasons of being grown.
He had imagined this day would be on a Saturday. He would be ready to outdo his creative self; make it a noteworthy reality. He had revisited the reads and clips of men proposing in the most unexpected manner. The shock and the emotional breakdown was such a thrill.
“For me a text or a banner is not enough! It has to count. Securing yourself a long life partner is more than a big deal, it is a lifetime contract. “He told himself.
The most notable thing about time is its ability to arrive unannounced. This was the moment: no hot air balloons, no high-end pricy mall either, just a typical Thursday in a normal restaurant and he was not ready to say the least. However, not sure whether waiting any longer was doing any justice to his heart, he took a sip of the amber wine, took a look at the rewarding view from the rooftop. Her incense of admiration made it more appealing. He wanted to ask how her day was but the sound of forks and knives drowned the bigger portion of his words away. She simply smiled and looked away when his gaze was fixed on her yes. He could have drowned the ring in her wine, but he did not want to imagine if by some bad luck she could have chocked on it. I mean look at her, how she gobbled on her food was only as an obvious assurance that how he was planning to do it was the best way.
“Tinder! A dating app! Son, get a good grip of yourself”, his father was bound to say.
“Whoever said that love cannot be found in an App must have never met you….”
Under the evening light he was the happiest newly engaged man in town.