“My point is, i hit the 20’s not long ago and the pressure is much worse than sitting and trusting the process, say ten times upfront. I mean some of my peers are getting married, few are travelling while others have jobs. As for me, the clarity paving in especially under these prevailing COVID 19 conditions, is only convincing me that nothing is materializing.( atleast not as soon as i graduate &my studies are on the line) . I’m just living with so much uncertainties of things never working out. I’m scared to say the least. Tell me… what does life feel at 27. Is my biological time ticking already “( Hi folks😊 …now that☝🏾was my complaint, with regard to the notion that : Nothing is set in stone, trust the process, after i found myself in a substantial conversation with a very close friend of mine, a kenyan, who lives in Botswana. The deep talk was obviously insightful, but there are some things he mentioned which i felt i could share for everyone who relates to my kind of pressure…! Take a look)

Now 27 is😫 Crazy, that’s where the pressure is. Psychologically, you are leaving behind, the era when you were growing into an adult, and now you have entered adulthood, It’s the maturing process where you can no longer play the ‘i’m too young to understand this’ card, or the ‘i’m not responsible, you are expected not to be floating, you are supposed to have already figured out, where you are going, what you should be doing, and what you are working towards.

It’s also the age where you realize you’re rapidly headed towards 30 at much speed, and if you haven’t lived as fully as you’d have liked to during your 20s, you may wriggle out of a relationship or cheat in order to feel more actualized and experienced before you transition into what you may consider to be more serious relationships. It’s the age where real adult issues start to become a problem in a relationship.. What’s more important and potentially breakup-worthy is whether to get married, whether children are a thing, how to share finances, and how well each person can navigate the changing tides of their career while maintaining a healthy and active presence in the other person’s life.

Everyone you know is getting engaged, married,and everyone u know who is married is getting pregnant, but there’s something about the specific age of 27 that lends itself to just being drowned in marriage announcements no matter where you turn😅😅. It’s either college couples who have been together for 6+ years finally taking the plunge, or “real world” couples who met a few years ago and got super serious, super fast. Either way, it’s a single 27-year-old’s worst nightmare.. the last crumbs of your true youth. Half of you feels an enormous pressure to fully grow-up, while the other half of you is crippled by the notion of doing so. On one hand, you are sort of ready to get serious about love, career, and overall responsibility. On the other hand, you just want to continue making out at random, dating idiots, and generally freaking the fuck out over the future.Every day you wake up, there’s no telling which of these two ideals, your mood is going to lean more heavily toward.. 🤦🏽‍♂️, so many conflicting emotions, so much self-inflicted pressure.

At some point, it’s just easier to pray you make it to 30 in one piece and resolve to figure it out from there,..😅It’s a crisis age , trust me,I think you being hard on yourself, stop over thinking, just trust the process, you’re still growing and changing. You’re not going to do everything perfectly the first time around. You might find you don’t love the career path you’ve chosen, or that you went a little too wild on a night out, or maybe you’re single and surrounded by friends who are in relationships. No matter what, you can’t be too hard on yourself. It’s important to remember that things will fall into place when they’re supposed to. Time will be your greatest lesson of all the above on this list. You’ll realize who you are and who you want to be, and that will guide you to achieve mental and physical health, financial success and a rich personal life, too…I know you will make the right choices, just as smart as you are, i count on you to be YOU all the times.

And from that i understood that the best thing to do for yourself at your 20’s, is to live as best as you can and see what happens.

Happy Roaring 20’s !



  1. Freya, after my husband died, I didn’t date for 12 years. When my children left home, I started online dating. I met my soul mate at age 65, and we’ve been together for six very happy years. Don’t stress out! Take your time and make a wise choice! ❤ All the best! Cheryl

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    1. Oh my cheryl , I must admit i live for such comments, am so sorry to hear that, but it’s so strong, kind & amazing of you to share. At 65?! Wow i guess nothing is set on stone indeed. Am so happy for you, to crown it all, proud of you. Am remarkably moved and impacted by your words. Thank you so much❣ Sending much love and more wishes of blessings. To Patient Times &Happiness, Cheers!

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