A folded wish

In silence,

It all happens in silence,

When i think of the difference,

I chose you, while you chose your preference,

Till now that makes me wish,

To hate you for a reason or two,

With hopes i’ll get through,

Just to end up with one thought, you

What’s left to do?

With all these on due,

The words said are few,

But our eyes can’t act new,

To all these feelings as the view,

Is always somewhat clear,

I can understand if it’s some dumb fear,

It’s okay! No pressure geared,

That is why i’ll stay weird, wishing

For what it takes even if years, waiting

And on that day i will say cheers,

To you for coming back to your senses,

And to me, for having the same patience,

For i love you with no essence,

And more i do in silence.