Dear Future Husband

Just how far are you?

Are you out for the war?

Or are you struggling with the hustle,

Did you smile today?

Are you ready for me?

Or should i still wait,

Then this are my little words,

Of hope and love,

On the broken ridge of my dreams,

If you ever become mine, infinitely

For no one else to have,

I’ll sire you beautiful lasses,

And for thee bring forth handsome lads,

I’ll hold your hand when you’ve got mine,

Wipe your fears and repair your loose ends,

So when the time comes to part,

When we age and can’t see no more,

I’ll have a firm end and a heart,

To have, to feel and to hold

And as you sink i’ll follow,

Till we can’t float no more.

All Copyrights credited @SoulSong


  1. Hey, you know, that’s really nice. If’n I was in the soul-partner-journeying-together business then your words would be my clarion-call and anchor to all that’s good, loving and life-affirming in this world and beyond. Thanks for the sweet reminder.

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      1. Haha – yeah, I amended it from wife-taking-business because it just didn’t sound right. You have a lovely blog here, Freya, and a heart to match. Have a great day.

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  2. Oh that’s beautiful!, To this day I pray for my future husband to keep him safe until I meet him heart 💓.
    By the way I’ve never seen the name Freya before, but that was what I intended to name my daughter when I had her. The problem is I never did. I had two boys instead. When I have more time I’m going to read over your poetry, it’s wonderful!

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