Hello Fun folks😊 i hope this article finds you well and feeling good in your own skins and selves as i am. I was nearly tilted to forgetting about sharing this, but i am happy i got to do it today after giving myself a grace period to have just but enough words for it.

The thing is, i am one solemn performer of my new year’s resolutions . As for this year, i took a vital step to overcome my insecurities once and for all by shaving my hair. I knew the expression of beauty through a girl’s hair had been a long standing signature in the african tradition. With hair having such significance and just to help you understand, am talking about the emotional significance, you need not to look far cause we all have our hair stories right. Stories and struggles that have all contributed to embracing our hairs whether in their natural state or not.

That significance, i was well aware of it before i took the step and trust me, i knew how much of a bigger role my hair played in defining me as a girl. However i always had an inward feeling that i was always objectified for my hair, especially when i did my edges and it was soft, smooth and beautiful.

The desire of not letting my hair define me any longer superceeded my ego. I didn’t understand why hair was such big deal in the integration process of being termed as beautiful anymore. To some point, i started hating my hair. I wanted to have a beautiful smile even when i dont have my hair. If you know what i mean…

I had imagined shaving my hair more times that i was fairly comfortable with it being in my new year’s resolutions. There was a good measure of panick as 2020 approached but it was more of self confidence than just looking at a shaved model and wanting to be like them. So on January 1st my head was bald.

I instantly saluted myself because hanging on to the few strands of hair wasn’t that great. Either way i took so many pictures of myself and i felt beautiful really, to add on i didn’t feel like wearing any hat or hoodie cover up. I was perfect.

But that was my feedback, now to the society. The only close friend♡ who was aware that i was going to shave, was way proud of me, i recall he made me promise not to grow my hair again. So that we could be visiting the barber’s together (lol). My mom’s reaction was mild, i can’t still tell if she was disappointed regardless she stayed supportive as my dad made it much calm and neutralising by acknowledging that he was proud of me. That shaving was such a big step and decision, also he noted we looked more alike , so…😂 twinsies.

My school mates associated it with me being traumatized. Especially those who made nothing but unclean assumptions. They could bet on their wholesome pocket money that i was heartbroken while some disparaged MY shaven head. The comments i got from my friends were almost negative but the positive ones were what i only kept count of. The WHY DID YOU SHAVE question became the routine version of GOOD MORNING TO YOU , but i always answered admist a smiley face as it was one of the most empowering moments i have ever had. I felt like a celebrity.

My intention was/is not to wow anyone as i am only embracing more of who i am and that was my first step of me being independent. ( without paying my bills😂). Just beleiving you look good and you don’t need anyone to add on to what you already know. I am one person who doesn’t let others opinion hold me back and am not saying you should shave your hair but don’t let anyone tame you. Maybe you have been holding back on getting a tattoo for so long, a piercing or even a hair cut. A change of hair colour or far from that, a change of your closet style. This is me right now..i dont have to buzz it bald but i keep it short and as comfortable. Untamed, unbothered, happy, and boldly bald.

For today’s toast, hold your pens up. Here’s is for the free spirited, the unbothered, the ones who see things differently they have no respect for the status quo you can quote them, disagree with them, glorify them or defame them, above all the only thing you can do is ignore them . Because they change things, make their own decisions, do crazy choices and while some may see them as the demented ones, we see brave ones. Because people who think are crazy enough to define themselves are the ones who define the world.

Pcheers😁 to being BOLD❤