Savouring life

Use every colour you have,

To craft a life you love,

Splash , smear bring back to life,

The dull filled blanks that always crave,

Just but a light touch of the bright crayon,

If you are not much of a painter

there’s always a call which is greater

And that is building a life that is beyond,

Beyond a smile for every single storm,

Beyond holding a cover, and staying warm

Beyond Framing the wounds on your skin,

Nursing them with passion, to ease the pain

For as you build and sow,

A much greater harvest is at store

So grow flowers while you still can,

Trapping fireflies in that hanging can,

Then with a lamp by your side,

Illuminate your moments, make them shine

Feed seeds to that muddy watered hole,

As sliding in emptiness will never address it all,

And while you exist try only to spread and grow,

So go, craft a life that in it, you will glow.