Pacts & Promises

While am under your spell,

My mind will be yours to dwell,

My heart is speaking for it’s first time,

Beating for you,  what a hymn!

By cuffing you into captive,

Scary or not, we’ll be adaptive

For when it comes to you, am all for it,

You set flames, my soul is lit,

And so for the vows we take,

I am more than happy to make,

All our dreams reach at a far coast,

You by my breach, we’ll see it all at it’s most,


Down the dusty roads i’ll lead on,                                                                                                              
Let’s run away from all these to build our own,

A world somewhere in the other side,

Where with every sunset and rise,

Will see us happier and in love,

Just us, the earth and the skies above,

No lies and deceit,

Empty promises bought with no receipts,

Fake people and envious souls,

Dark hearts and intended fouls,

A perfect dawn from all this nightmare,

We’ll live in truth no dares,

Dont be scared just trust me,

A little brave that’s all you need to be.