I got this feeling …

Happy New Month fun folks😊

Look who is happy!! Yeey! I am very thankful for all who have followed this blog. I also wish to extend my sincere appreciation to those of you who have been blowing my email with questions, Instagram and tumblr(sakshi)🤗with comments and a list of ideas i could integrate. Along with my personal contacts for the support! Ya’ll have given me purpose, so nurturing of you! With regards to that, i got this feeling to do something special in return. I figured i could first start by creating a nice playlist for everyone before getting to answer some of your questions. In blended hope, some good, unique, raw, original, music to spark some happiness.

Unifying spotify, sound cloud, and audio mark was as hard as it sounds, lol! Along side so many choices, this one or that, more of this, less of this, but regardless i was able to customize a good playlist for you. PLEASE don’t judge my taste, cut me some slack, leastways the headphones are cool🎧 and the smile too😄

So as we say Pcheers! here are some nice songs we can always toast to.

  1. CAN’T STOP THE FEELING – Justin Timberlake. ( my all-day feel good tune, also my alarm, it makes my mornings ceremonial 🌻🌝)
  2. BURN THE HOUSE DOWN – Adam, Jack, Ryan. (The lyrics simply shed light on the power that the young generation have on making changes for a better world🔥)
  3. WRITING ON THE WALL – Sick individual ft Jason Walker. ( I feel soo cut up i didn’t put this as my number one. It’s nothing less of a hit, the chords, the lyrics ,the energy, the intensity and the beats it’s such a hype, and I looove itt😘)
  4. LOSE CONTROL – Meddy & The Ben. It’s an fro pop tune all the way from Rwanda, i tried singing to it…your guess is as good. It was a massive mistake, but that’s me. The song is so unequalled🤗)
  5. WHERE YOU AT – Carlie Henson. ( The chorus, which is my the best part gets me to rejuvenate with my younger self. In such a way i realise growing up is not that final, and that i can always go back to that kid🦄)
  6. BEAUTIFUL CRAZY – Luke Combs.(i lovee country music and this song jump starts most if not all my weekends,🍾☕)
  7. HAIR – Little Mix & Sean Paul. ( The drama, energy and fabrication of character that little mix has on me and my siblings, SUBSTANTIAL!! As for Hair one would think we were all heartbroken at a row💃💃)
  8. WHEN YOU LOVE SOMEONE – James TW. ( It reminds me of the great love parents have for their kids, sisters for their brothers, brothers for brothers, the family love and just being caring in general. Such a noble tune🐾.)
  9. TONIGHT – John Legend. ( 2020 anyone?? Me! This song, is the official reason am actually anticipating for a nice candle lit dinner date after quarantine, it makes my fantasies quite loud. I have a feeling it will never grow old and i hope it comes on the loop one day with that significant person on board 😉)
  10. ENERGY – Fireboy . (I am such a huge lover of Fireboy’s music in general, just laughter, tears and goosebumps 🧗‍♀️)
  11. INTENTIONS – Justin Bieber ft Quavo ( picture perfect you dont need no filter☺️ now that is a line a girl would want to hear)
  12. SEXUAL HEALING – Martin Gaye ( someone send me this song, and it kinda grew in me it’s a light classic song with such elegance and play .If he will ever read this, then Thank You.
  13. MUST HAVE NEVER MET YOU – Luke Combs ( Luke combs has always defied the odds with epic lyrics , i love this one for its unique words, the effect is literal magic 💫)
  14. CRASH MY PARTY – Luke Bryan. (The dedication and commitment in the lines is something i yearn for in my life, just a person whom i can crash his party anytime and he won’t mind🥺)
  15. DUSUMA – Otile Brown & Meddy. ( i can’t tell the number of times i have made dance videos to this song, epic failures no bargain🤣but it is such an upbeat 😂
  16. SAVAGE LOVE – Jason Derulo ( I just like the song for no particular reason, for it’s dance choreographies maybe,,I dont know 👌🏽)

And that is it! The sweet sixteens💃💃 No! …Okay🤣🤣 .

I thought it would be easy to make the list but it was far much simpler in my mind than the reality. I feel bad for some songs i didn’t include. However we are in no rush i can always make another.

So here is the thing, i challenge you to also add on to this playlist, i will leave my email and a looong link to my Instagram page down below for any feedback, comment and contributions. Let me know if you’ve heard any of these songs, and if yes, do they have any major throwback vibes on you? BETTER YET create your very own playlist post then, make a pingback to my post by linking to it. I won’t suppose a winner but you can be sure that i will treat you with some whacky videos of me on the floor.

Am ready when you are,

Pens up! Pcheers 😄