The Conventialists and the Misfits.

The reason to why love is such a huge part of me and to why i fancy talking about it, is yet to be clear. However, with my name being a translation for ‘the loved one’ . I tend to think of love as an exceedingly fragmented part of my existence. In simple terms: however much love may not be with me. I am with love.😍And while my love for romance tales is uncomparably deep, from the lovely books to the good movies. My lips will always curve for a smile to those heart moving gestures i note one on one.

Love is always in the air and only when you are keen enough will you realise that. The winks, the mirroring, close proximities and more eye contacts with more smiles. Besides, cute couples are everywhere nowadays with matching clothes labelled KING and QUEEN. You are only lucky to find them kissing on the streets. Escorted by mocking faces of the renowned ‘kamati ya roho chafu’ –The squad of mean hearts, uncontrollably laughing at their lovey dovey measures. They don’t cease to overstate how their relationship will end in premium tears amid their wicked echoing laughs. Notwithstanding let’s not forget that ‘no one can state the turns of love’ –freya:-)

I have found almost everything ever written about love to be undeniably literal. With Victor Hugo’s ‘there’s no remedy for love but to love more’ and Tennyson’s ‘it’s better to have loved and lost than to have never loved at all’. Personally, i have not experienced anything close to the latter reference, i just think about love more than i should. I am astounded by its sheer power to constantly define and control our state of minds. It was Shakespeare’s who also said that’ love is blind‘. At present, that is something i couldn’t agree more to.

For some, they fall and grow, for some love fades, for others love is simply lost with the passing of their significant others. It’s sad how the loss could be irreplaceable, but then funny how love could plainly be found, even if it’s just for a night. Then there’s the other kind of love, the unreturned love. Most stories are about those who fall in love with each other. Those who always seem to stick to the fairy tales, with the happily ever afters. However there’s some, whom their hearts beats for love and love beats against theirs. Those who fall in love alone, victims of a one sided affair. The half broken hearted, the repulsed to the magnetic rays of love. Yes! you are looking at one now. One such individual. One who loved but never lost, as there was nothing to lose. One square peg in this huge round hole of love.

Note:😂😂Please don’t take my word for it.

(Pens up!) Say it with me…

Pcheers to love❤