My Love For Paronomasia

What did one leaf say to another,

Am falling for you.

Why did the woman put lipstick on her forehead,

To make up her mind.

What does a painter do when he gets cold,

He adds on another coat.

What do you call a guy who lost his car,


Why shouldn’t you trust stairs,

They are always upto something.

What does a house wear,


In the corn maize i felt like i was being stalked.

You have a pizza my heart.

I shot a man with a paintball gun just to watch him dye.

An apple a day keeps everyone away if you throw it hard enough.

People are usually shocked when they find out am a bad electrician.

Bread is like the sun…it rises in the yeast and sets in the waist.

Alright that’s enough word play.😂.

English is such a craaazy language in an adorable way. Right!

My love for puns roots it all. It is one way to my heart. I’ll choose a ‘pun game’ over any charade, hangman or even crosswords. One pun after the other till i say ‘am grapeful for today’. I’m pretty sure at the start of your reading you raised some smiles, but if your sense of humour is only better broken by puns, then you must have let out a chuckle. A good pun is always worth a good laugh.

Note: This puns have originated from a number of apps and if this information is subject to copyright limitations i will remove it immediately as i dont take credit for any of it.

Well, except for this one…

(Pens up!!) Say it with me…