Micro tales

“Last item on the list is the diamond orb. Starting at 5 million dollars. Please start bidding. Yes! Gentleman at the back?”.
7 million “,
” Lady in the front?”
9 million”  …
9 million on the phone …oh, yes sir…
“20 million “, Mr Sandals said with a heroic tone .
20 million for the first time, second, last call,..”
50 million! “. Brad said with a light smirk on his face. What a nice ambush for his worst contender.
“Anymore biddings, no- , sold!! At 50 million , congratulations sir , please come forward” the auctioneer said with a hint of pride.

These Galas are indeed my scene. Brad thought to himself as he walked down from the platform after receiving the 8.00 carat diamond orb. Glancing down at his watch to avoid the obvious attention, he sighed. The turn out was decent. These VIP social events  were always sold out.But he was not down for them anymore.( I am only having one drink then am out of here)
He walked over to the counter set up for drinks. The bartender was busy and so he was forced to wait. He dared not to look around, trying to avoid the familiar faces. Most of these girls he had used the same pick up lines on them.He always knew how to get them in bed. However today he was not in the temper. He was just here for business. Just once he wished he would get settled and marry but the idea of plighting his troth was just a faux pas.

Suddenly his thoughts were savored by a   Laughmani’s strawberry perfume. A scent that drew him to turn to the most beautiful woman abreast of him. Their eyes locked. He was hoping she would salute him first like the rest, nonetheless she wasn’t bothered by his beguiling looks. She was silent.
“You want to flip a coin, heads you are mine, tail am yours” , he finally went off. She eyed him with a mixed look, rising one eyebrow at him. He could almost feel her questioning his levels of stupidity. Seeing that the bartender was busy, she decamped from the bar barely being noticed.
An act that was inconcievable and far-fetched for Brad. Never in his lifetime had a woman made him feel so small. His ego was crumbled and his masculinity felt nothing but numbness.
May I take your order please, sir’ the bartender finally turned.” Two shaken martinis please” , he muttered.
Gripping the two glasses he walked in search of the girl. Given her stunning appearance it wasn’t that hard to find her.

What is this now!‘ , she maddened at his sight. ” I didn’t expect to hit a nerve so quickly “, he started stressing not to amende honourable. Noticing the slight intimidation effect he had on her, he filled the gap between, with an intend to overawe her. “Apologies for starting off on the wrong foot,” he finally admitted. Recovering from his charming manoeuvre, “you mean on the wrong coin!” she said almost sounding dry. It was a dry joke but they both eased a chuckle at the configuration of it. “Well , you can say that too” Brad concluded.

She took the glass, turning her face to him “why did you even care, it’s not that you know me!. I dont even remember your name, Mr highest bidder”. She took up the conversation giving away the fact that she had had visuals on him earlier.
Brad Uriah , nice to meet you too.” He said word stricken by the beauty of this queen. Not only was her physique but the whole witty act. She was different he could tell. Not like the others. If only he knew this night would be such a dazzle. He was trying his best not to rush anything.
“Aren’t you going to tell me yours?”…
“What’s wrong, you can’t handle a little mystery now!?”, she retorted with a wink.
She was a good magnet. Pulling him back and forth to her charms, he liked her.
The way she sized him, to how her voice broke everytime she spoke. Tantalising! He gave her a surrender face. He could do with a little mystery.
So what do you do?, oh let me guess. You are…obviously not a doctor. Brad felt a tiny strike of scantyness. She must have sensed it, so she quickly continued, not because you are not smart enough but we both know doctors would never use silly pick up lines”. Phew!!! His ego was calm. He wanted her to think highly of him. Something he had never imagined with the rest.
So I think you are an engineer, they kinda get technical at everything”. She uttered coming to a rest .
“Hmm, i am a businessman , but i must say you are right on one thing though. I am technical.”
“Oh really!, well that explains the suit then.” Did she just throw a compliment, oops ! that came out louder than it was meant to.
“It’s not a compliment sir, it’s the fact “.
He blushed.
So…what line of industry is your business in”. The question got him off guard so he stuttered at first “uhhm jewellery…sorry i run a jewellery company which is now diversified into a conglomerate, Uriah gemstones
Impressive,! Oh now! I remember. Your company made it to the top 5 best companies in the city !I read it in the corporate dailies.”
“Yes ,that’s me” he said with a beam.

With the hatchet buried, a moment of silence took its course.
The tension was growing gradually. Their eyes locked again and this time they were stating deep things. The things they had been avoiding over the chitchat. He wondered if she felt the same.
The trance must have blown her as she slipped staggering to him but he caught her by her waist. Assuming a stable standing posture she dared not to look up. But he stared hoping she wasn’t uneasy. The minute was recovered by a background salsa beat from the decks.

“Fancy a dance?”, she gave a slight smile approving to the request. He span her around by the beats. She had the moves. Some what their emotions liased until it  wasn’t a dance anymore, they talked to each other body to body. “ I want to know this mystery woman” …Brad said trying to find his breath…“then let’s get out of here and my mystery shall be yours to explore “. she rejoined in a manner to arouse his curiosity.

He held the door for her as they footed it to the underground parking . In the car, he got the feeling she was watching him. So he added a little bit of expertise while reversing. Her skirt was up at her thighs.
Yet he tried not to look, atleast, not before he got the car to drive mode.
By and by he was staring right at the exit gate. “My name is Gina Sandals ” The grating voice made him quickly revolve his gaze, beyond the half naked skin, he was alarmed! Sandals!!.He only had a moment to recall why he was staring at a gun before everything went black.
“You messed up with the wrong competitors casanova”. She said getting out of the black SUV Mazda CX-5 and briskly walked away.