The fact that there is a hammock chair in this balcony makes it unexacting to be entertained by anything. Being a reader, any time is a good time for a hot read but the unearthed tranquillity makes it more necessary. From Me before you by Jojo Moyes to It ends with us by colleen Hoover. My typical kind of a day. You can say that again.

And who doesn’t love a good love story. Since the start of human storytelling i have always developed a thirst for romantic tales. I can’t help but make note of the features that make a romance spiel sparking and heart melting. Especially the plot that our favourite couples tend to root for. I mean it’s obvious everybody wants to feel some of that perfect exoticism and even include it in their own lives.

Sure there are things i could use, like me being a princess of some kingdom or my fiance being a rich mafia, but when it comes to my ‘poo bear’, i cant complain. Apart from him leaving his game pads anywhere, his inability to iron clothes well and the piling of his dirty shirts and socks for me to wash them whenever i visit, really, i cant complain😂.

The everyday moments, the wakes ups and how he just makes me a priority by pulling me in his arms for a snuggle is so content, still my best-time habit of his, hitherto.

Most times i wake up to a delectable breakfast but whenever he is going for work i prepare the same for him while he teases behind my back. I think he does that to test my ability to multi task as a woman but he fails. Sometimes he sits in a lone chair with an un rested face gaze on me. At such times i dare not ask anything because work problems can be so frustrating. I leave him to eat by himself not wanting to make anything harder.

But today was unalike. I made breakfast and took it by myself since he had already left. I opened the drawer where i keep my books just to find a wrapped gift box with a note on top, i smiled, ‘ Goodmorning freya ,babe, waking up to you is always the best part of my day, but today i left early for a reason . I will be back before you know it. Meanwhile try to keep your sweet self safe. I hope you love the necklace. Love mart. It read.

Needless to say i do. Silver has always been my favourite colour and i take pride in the fact that he remembers that. I am lying almost in a manner to rock myself in this well ropped hammock. With my hand holding the novel Outlander which am about to start perusing, and the other striking the hanged piece of jewellery on my neck, he is simply the best i could ask for in the real world.

And in a fictional way, i dont think he would lag that much behind. Shifting both of my hands to holding the Diana Gabaldon’s masterpiece cross-armed against my chest, almost feeling his skin. He has that fine face and a stricking pose. His eyes are only a colour to the impeccable piece of stature. And his voice…

Babe‘ …God ! His voice calms me when he calls me that. ‘ I’m baaack!‘. My hubby is here. I have to go …catch you later folks.😉