A crown, tight dress & a runway.

I was bred then bloomed, out and about with a mixed bag of tastes but as for dresses, it was loathing!. I think it’s because i have a brother who then, fancied shorts and i kinda got that from him. So being the only ‘big sister of my own’ i grew up not knowing much things on how to be a girl.

I was more into boys stuffs than dolls. As a matter of fact i can’t remember having a toy doll except for some teletubbies which I think suited both.lol. Therefore i owned several buses, some robots and my best was a crazy taxi remote control car and a green bicycle.

I always thought people who wore dresses in general and the sloped shoes were only my aunts and some managers. Then there was this belief that women in tight, short revealing dresses were immodest. It was said that they had an improper motive within them. Being in trousers was good and it felt decent to add on my head was bald and anyone who saw me at a glance would always take me for being a boy. Ofcourse,😂 i loved their assumptions.

All was well and smooth till on my 16th birthday. As per tradition i found myself in a deep conversation with my mother…i remember her saying that there is something about a confident woman in a tight dress, before handing me a shopping bag. I could already guess what was inside. A dress ofcourse and some heels. My face was dumb😐

My closet prolly got tired of keeping some dead weights but yeah! they stayed there for a long time. Then one day i was just from school for the holidays. I decided to give it a quick try. I slipped into the black gown, a pair of grey heels and a grey clutch bag. I staggered to the mirror and i couldnt believe the likeness i saw. That very instant i fell in love with feminism. I loved myself better that way and within no time i started adjusting to being my own sister and showing myself things i could do to feel more womanly. ‘There’s something about a confident woman in a tight dress’, my mother’s words were well reflected by the sight i saw. I felt bad for missing out much of my growing up expedition as a girl 😂but i was ready for my pilgrimage.

Why am I telling you this story?, because at the core of this realisation lies some lessons. A message that i feel is fairly relevant to all the girls and women struggling to feel good in their own way. In my self-betterment journey i found that being in a dress is always stricking as a girl it doesn’t matter whether bodycon or flowy. But the attention given is never the same and the appearance is always appealing. People should not see this as an approach to create some sexual attraction as they perceive.

I have read some articles which state as to why women should wear knee length skirts and loose blouses to be regarded as modest.

I would only like to state that we are the sum of ourselves and demureness comes in different ways. Feelings of self objectification, body shaming and negative attitudes have been on the increase and we hide in the loose in the name of modesty or simply a style. But feeling good in something however revealing has nothing to do with being indiscreet.

We should always wear tight dresses whenever we feel like with our crowns fixed and heels on, stagger to the mirror to confirm. And finally walk on the runway of the world to affirm that indeed, there is pride in being the queens we are with no ill motives whatsoever.

(Pens up!) Say it with me…